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3 сентября 2020

С температурой не пустят в самотет

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На сайте аэропорта стамбула есть информация, что на входе в терминал всех пассажиров посвечивает камера, которая определяет температуру. В онлайн чате аэропорта мне сказали следующее:

Ayşegül Tuğçe joined03-09-2020 13:14:25
Ayşegül Tuğçe03-09-2020 13:14:25
Welcome, how can I help you?

Dmitry03-09-2020 13:14:30

Dmitry03-09-2020 13:14:41
could you answer some questions?

Ayşegül Tuğçe03-09-2020 13:15:29
Hello Dmitry
Of course

Dmitry03-09-2020 13:15:58
What happens with a passenger with increased body temperature?

Dmitry03-09-2020 13:16:45
can he fly?

Ayşegül Tuğçe03-09-2020 13:16:57
If a passenger shows any symptoms at terminal, will be tested by the authorities.

Dmitry03-09-2020 13:17:22
could you clarify, what tests they do?

Dmitry03-09-2020 13:18:37
and what time these tests takes?

Ayşegül Tuğçe03-09-2020 13:19:41
If you mean PCR test, it takes a few hours approximately 4-6 hours

Dmitry03-09-2020 13:21:40
ok, thanks

Dmitry03-09-2020 13:21:49
what happens if the passenger is ifected by COVID?

Dmitry03-09-2020 13:22:01
(if the test shows this)

Ayşegül Tuğçe03-09-2020 13:22:48
Health screening and other procedures are implemented by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. According to the your request, please kindly contact with Turkish Ministry of Health and relevant airline company about the matter. The e-mail address of Ministry of Health is eposta@saglik.gov.tr. You may view Covid 19- Information notice for passengers travelling from İstanbul Airport on website https://www.istairport.com/en/covid19.

Dmitry03-09-2020 13:23:14
ok thanks

Ayşegül Tuğçe03-09-2020 13:23:38
You're wellcome
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